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In a divorce case, Court Orders specifying how to allocate the proceeds of a Pension Plan or 401K Plan are called QDROs.  QDRO stands for Qualified Domestic Relations Order.  Our firm prepares these orders and gets them pre-approved by the plan administrators so that they can be signed by the Judge and executed.  We will make sure that the documents are pre-approved and ready to be properly submitted to the Court. 

Our firm will give you one on one attorney consultation and is able to locate QDRO Plan Administrator information for you if necessary.  We have staff with QDRO compliance and subject matter experience that assists in expediting and drafting the QDRO.  We deal with many different Plan Administrators and are knowledgeable on QDRO law and procedures.  

Our fees are very reasonable and competitive and we strive to provide personal, informative and courteous service in regard to drafting your QDRO.  We accept all major credit cards and give disounts for additional QDROs.

We also have experience with Military COAPs and can assit you in this aspect of drafting documents that allocate military pensions and 401K type instruments.  These documents can be complex with different or additional requirements than utilized in QDROs.  In these cases, it is important that your divorce decree has the proper language that will allow the government to approve the Court Order.  Our firm is available to review the divorce decree language.  There are deadlines that may exist and also special forms that may need to be executed.  Our firm can guide you through this process. 

Contact us today for a free consultation. Our prices are very competitive and our staff is experienced.  We are located in  Jacksonville, Florida. At The Law Office of Michael R. Howard, PA, our attorneys have more than 18 years of experience to aggressively represent our clients in their cases.

                                   QDRO DRAFTING ALL 50 STATES                           

     Our attorneys prepare QDROs for all 50 states.  Please call us for a free quote and free consultation today at (904) 739-4654 or (888) 836-5490.

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